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Press Release - Mehran Unleashes The Angels Of Persepolis


Guitar player Magazine website - "Mehran's skillful
guitar work and imaginative compositional approach
shine through, however, resulting in an intriguing mélange
of romantic, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Latin, Brazilian,
smooth jazz, and experimental themes and tonalities
with a political edge." Barry Cleveland,
Editor of Guitar player magazine

Vintage Guitar Magazine Feb 2011 - Vintage Guitar Magazine
dedicated a full page write up on Mehran titled: "A true World musician"

Tom Jones

Vintage Guitar Magazine - Mehran's soloing covers a lot of ground,
but even in the quickest passages, it's melodic. The solo on
"Korean Soup" mixes his Flamenco skill with jazz harmony where
he solos flawlessly over nice changes.

Tom Jones

Americal Culture - "...On Angels of Persepolis Mehran integrates not only flamenco but also classical guitar
and ethnic interpretations from his Persian heritageinto the compositions"

Sea of Tranquility - "...Angels of Persepolis is an instrumental concept album that mixes ancient Persian history, Persian
mythology and Iran's current affairs into a highly enjoyable platterof exotic sounds and musical virtuosity..."

Music World Express 3000 - Review and interview... "After hearing the depth and heartfelt emotions running throughout Mehran’s instrumental masterpiece you get the feeling that there’s so much more going on in Iran then what meets the ear".

After Glow - "Spelen kan Mehran als geen ander, het Rosenberg Trio zou met gemak een kwartet met hem kunnen worden, en hij weet zelfs wat bescheiden progressieve accenten te verwerken in zijn composities zoals in opener 'Pa- sargad'

Ear Candy Mag - "...I have absolutely nothing to compare it to.I mean, it doesn’t sound like anything I own. It doesn’t sound like Zappa, Chet Atkins or even Al Di Meola..."

Music Street Journal - "I guess the best description for this would be “world music.�It combines flamenco guitar sounds with other styles into a tapestry that is compelling and beautiful.There is jazz and classical here, but there is also space rock at times. The music never becomes redundant, despite the fact that is an instrumental album (other than some spoken vocals on the last track and incidental sound bites here and there). It is an intriguing disc that I like a lot. Gary Hill

Music Street Journal - Interviewed by Gary Hill

Antimusic singled out

Progression Magazine - "Angels of Persepolis" is being featured and reviewed in the fall issue of the quarterly Progressive rock magazine 'Progression Magazine' issue # 60 released Sep 2010. "

University of Puerto Rico Radio - 9/11/2010 - A one hour program was dedicated to "Angels of Persepolis" and Mehran on University of Puerto Rico radio station where the entire Cd was played along with an interview with Mehran.

IO Pages Magazine - 9/14/2010-"Angels of Persepolis" is reviewed in the Dutch progressive rock magazine IO Pages. Available in Europe only.

Vintage Guitar Magazine - Mehran will be featured and interviewed on the January 2011 issue of "Vintage Guitar Magazine" due out in Nov 2010 - Available at Borders Book store and many music store worldwide.

Radio Play - As of Sep 2010 "Angels of Persepolis" is getting played on more than 50 radio stations worldwide.

The Progressive Rock Files - "If you’re up for something fully acoustic, something softer full of Latin tempos and melodies or just love the sound of Flamenco guitar you’ll want to check this out".

Bill's Prog Blog - "Mehran’s playing takes flamenco as a base and rockets it in directions I’d not necessarily imagined. Bent notes, crystal clear fingerpicking,
a wonderful, bright and lyrical tone, his playing is impressive and very enjoyable indeed". Bill Knispin

Keys and Chords/ Belgium music site "Angels of Persepolis" reviewed in October 2010

DBDBD - "With tasteful melodies and introspective Dark Side of the Moon-influenced introductions throughout the record, Mehran’s music transcends the standard world cross-over tag".

Rocktober Magazine review

Rainlores World of Music review " Iranian musicians have made some fine contributions to the "genre" of world music over the years, and Angels of Persepolis certainly is another excellent example. It is both compelling and enchanting. ".

Pipeline Magazine review

Tom Jones


Skope Magazine interview


Pens eye view interview


Music review " I especially recommend it to fans of New Age or World Music who are looking for something a little bit different. Mehran demonstrates a total mastery of this kind of crossover on Angels, and you won't want to miss it! "